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Anonymous asked: "Are you actually back or no?"

lol yes I am I swear I just have a shitloads of imagine to get through so I’m being unactive and cool to write all of them at once and then just post them all. I’m sorry you can call me a massive-ass pain if you want

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Anonymous asked: "I literally just spent 2 hours looking through your blog it's just perf bby<3"

ilysm ty

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Can we all just congratulate I fucking broke my laptop again (like srsly i exploded the harddrive and dad was so pissed I had to save up for a new one oops i’m bad but hey i still have the back-up disk whoop) I fail at life


I am writing all requests I have and will open requests again soon :))

I thank you all for patience and birthday wishes and stuff from ages ago x

I love you all and I’m so sorry I’m a pain.

Brittany xx



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Thank-you dearie xxx

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Hey y’all I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded this week like I said I would, but it’s my birthday today (WHOOP) so I have been getting stuff for my party all week. We have a long weekend though, so expect to see some preferences up in one or two days x

 - Love Brittany x 

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Fallen hard for Ariana

You punched him in the arm. “Jack don’t” you laughed as he tickled you on his couch as you laughed so hard it hurt. He laughed sticking his tongue out at you before removing his hands from tickling your waist and checking his phone. “Hey Finn’s coming over – do you mind?” you shook your head. Despite being Jack’s best friend, you had never met Finn. You smiled and turned on the television while waiting for Jack to get off his phone. Jack smiled, slipping the phone in his pocket and jumping on the sofa with you.

About a half hour later you heard a knock on the door – it was Finn. Jack had his eyes glued to the television you sighed and hopped up to get it yourself. You casually strolled to the door before opening it and WHAM. Something hit you. You didn’t know what it was. The boy was attractive, but as was his twin – you didn’t know what it was, maybe it was the whole sense about him. You stood at the door for a couple of seconds just standing there. He did too. You both just stared at each other until you heard Jack yell from the kitchen “Oi, Ariana, Finn – you guys coming in?” You broke from your trance and yelled back “Of course we are wanker” and smiled at Finn before inviting him in and closing the door behind you. Walking into the lounge. Jack smiled at Finn and you before turning back to the television. You sighed at Jack’s laziness and turned to face his sticking out your hand. “Ariana” he smiled and shook it “Finn.” You smiled as you two stood there shaking your hands a second too long before you both blushed and looked down. “Do you want a soda?” you asked him smiling slightly, he nodded and followed you into the kitchen. You pulled a couple out from the fridge and turned around and looked into his deep greeny eyes. “H-Here you go” said, catching your breath – as you passed him your soda your fingers touched, sending what felt like electric shocks around your body. As you both walked back down to the sofa, you sat down next to each other. Slightly too close you’re your hands occasionally touched. You knew at this moment you had fallen for him. Hard. 

There you are lovey - hope you liked it xx Sorry it took a while.

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Anonymous asked: "woOOPs, hey.. is it me or are you in the final of the jacksfab tumblr awards...? /post/64201090442/the-tumblr-awards-finalists-tomorrow-the-polls-open xoxo Jamie"

WOW! Thank-you! 

If you guys want to vote for me you can :) It would mean lots, but you don’t have to - I’m sure there are some other fabulous writers you should check out too!

If you want to vote you should check out her site

(p.s. Gifs mean internet, internet means preferences tonight! WHOOP)

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My Interwebs cut out so I will upload anything I need to (I’ve edited three things) tomorrow sorry x

Also I will be announcing the wee thing I’m going to do for getting 1000 followers xx

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Not that bad! for Ashleigh

“Shut Up!” you say as Zoe teased you. “I can’t believe you like my brother Ashleigh” she pulled a face as you laughed. “What!” you said defiant “He’s not that bad.” They laugh as Louise said “That means she wants the D” they all laugh as you stick your tongue out at them, trying not to blush. “I shotgun being the head bridesmaid” said Ingrid laughing. Blushing more you pick up your toiletry bag. “I’m going to brush my teeth now” you said as they giggled between themselves. You shut the door to Zoe’s room and headed down the hall to the bathroom before squeezing out some toothpaste and brushing your teeth. As you rinsed out your mouth you heard someone come in behind you – it was Joe. “Hey Ashleigh” he said matter-of-factly. “Hey Joe” you say calmly back. You wanted an excuse to stay but there was none you turned to leave but Joe tapped you on the shoulder. “I um- I heard what they were saying” he said. You suddenly felt your world crumble around you and you said, your voice a little too high “What were they saying?” He smiled at you. His deep blue eyes meeting yours. “Uh, that you like me.” You felt your face grow hot and you looked at your feet as Joe continued to speak. “Well I just wanted to know if it was true” he looked at you and you nodded slightly. He smiled and grabbed hold of your hand before whispering in your ear “That’s good to know because for the longest time I’ve had a crush on you.” You look up at him and smiled as he kissed your cheek. “Hey um, do you want to come watch a movie with me or something” he asked, you nodded and he lead you down to the lounge. As you passed Zoe’s room you heard giggling and saw Zoe wiggle her eyebrows as you walked past. But you didn’t care – Joe Sugg was holding your hand.

There you are sweet-pea. I’m so sorry this took so long but I hope you like it!

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Chicken Pox for Kim

You’re about to hop into the shower, stripping off your shirt, pants and underwear as the water warms up. You step into the shower and let the warm water run over you. You grab the soap and go to rub it over your body when you notice a red dot on your arm. You shrug it off and continue to wash yourself. When you step out of the shower you uninventively itch your back. As you turn to moisturise you realise your back was covered in red spots. Shrieking you pull on a bathrobe and run out to your room. You find some anti-itch cream and rub it over your back before calling your boyfriend Joe. “Don’t come over tonight babe!” You say into the phone. “I think I’ve got chicken pox and I don’t want you to get sick! Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” Before he had a chance to reply you say a quick “Bye” and hang up. After putting loose clothing on and distracting yourself from the itchiness with your laptop, you hear someone unlock the front door. You turn your head to see Joe walking in. You’re about to freak out in protest until he says “Kimmy I’ve had the pox before. They suck. I’m just here to keep you entertained.” A grin spreads across his face to match the one that was across yours he walked over to you and planted a kiss on your leip before showing you the bag of food he brought, along with some cream and entertainment. The two of you spend the night playing board games, eating and watching movies. Before the end of the night he turned to face you. “I love you Kim” he said looking into your eyes “I love you too Joe” you say looking into his blue orbs before he kissed you. You smile, leaning against his chest as he stroked your hair until you fell asleep.

There you go sweets – I hoped you liked it xx

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This is crazy. C. R. A. Z. Y. You are crazy. First of all I wanted to say thank-you. I know I’ve been off and on and school has been getting in the way of stuff lately but you have all stayed loyal to me and you have no idea how much that means. Every message or reblog I get that says that you like my writing means so much x Every like I get makes me smile. Starting this was just a quick desision but I love it so much - I really do so I wanted to say:

I love you. Each and everyone of you are beautiful. I don’t care if you’re a size 8 or a size 12, If you’re 20 or 13 or if you live half way around the world. This means so much. 


I love you all and wish you all the bestest of weeks x

Brittany xxxxx

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I have something special for y’all when I hit 1000

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EEP 990!